Meet Keith


Keith Warren is an award winning business speaker, trainer & retailer.

Keith didn’t always do what he does today…  After graduating from university, he started out life as a pot washer!! In his early years he ran a variety of restaurants & catering outlets in London including big retail stores with Pret A Manger. At the tender age of 31, he found himself in charge of a workforce of 1000+ people in the crazy world of school meals in Sheffield.

Keith’s path to success was far from simple, and he’d found that along the way the situations that challenged him the most became those where he learnt most. He also came to realise that it was his communication skills and powers of persuasion working with people that were the key to his success.

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His varied career has taught him challenging lessons and he’s acquired many new skills along the way, notably…

  • How to deliver a profit in a very cost driven commodity sector
  • How to engender self-belief and build a positive culture with a demoralised  ex-council workforce.
  • How to influence and persuade local authorities to do things they don’t want to do and spend money they don’t want to spend!
  • How to drive a sales team…
  • How to engage and motivate the workforce to drive business forward.

Keith had his sights set on using this invaluable and very practical experience to more powerful effect, but he just wasn’t sure where… until… a chance meeting on a train with a mesmerising speaker/trainer and a somewhat fortuitous mid-life crisis… (that’s not a joke!) that led him to a real life epiphany. This was his big moment.

He turned down a fantastic job offer in London, and started work as a protégée to one of the best speakers in the world (Andy Bounds). He learnt quickly and in the space of 18 months had made a real life transformation into a communications consultant (a clever name for someone who teaches people to persuade and influence others to get the results they want !).

He started working with small companies to start with and achieved some meteoric financial returns in a very short space of time. It was his wealth of experience with people and his simple plain speaking that was now paying dividends for his customers.

He’s since spent the last eight years delivering powerful training to financial services & blue-chip corporates that have transformed both their thinking and their fortunes.

Keith now speaks to companies all over the UK as he demonstrates with startling effect how to communicate and get the results they want.

It’s not what he does – it’s the results he gets !!

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