Let’s face it…

  • We all want to sell more
  • We all want to be persuasive and get things done
  • We all want to say the right thing, be happy and achieve more in life and in business

Keith will help you do exactly this…

Keith speaks at conferences and events, showing in a totally practical style how to engage your customers and workforce to transform your business.

Unlike other motivational speakers, Keith has an ability to relate his life experiences into a coherent, compelling and exciting style which has made him sought after by some of Britain’s most prestigious businesses. He maintains that audiences don’t just want a good time, they want practical techniques that deliver results and can be used straight-away

His keynote talks…

Get results when you speak →

Wouldn’t it be great to know that what you’re saying is definitely going to make a difference… sales calls, conversations with colleagues and even your written word?

Wouldn’t it be good to know that you could change peoples ‘lives’ with what you say… this event will do exactly that

Motivate your people →

Keith knows through experience how to win people over and change the way they think. He knows how to persuade, how to drive them and how to engender belief. He also knows how to turn around a workforce that is against you and even turn huge losses into profits… this event will show you how

Maximise your revenues & make your business soar →

Keith Warren makes a career out of increasing companies sales… that’s why they hire him!! Find out the fastest way to increase sales and increase your profits. Learn the magic ‘4 Step’ approach to making millions and find out the two biggest problems that every business has to overcome to do it. This event is guaranteed to motivate and inspire your people.

The quickest & easiest way to get new business →

People spend so much time trying to get new business in the places where it’s hardest to get it!!… but, they don’t know anything different and they’re too afraid to even try… this event will transform your thinking and your sales!

Leadership that works →

After his 20 years of experience in the catering industry, Keith learnt to empower and transform the ability and confidence of his people. He knows through experience what it takes to get people to buy into what you say. The problem is not what you say… it’s whether they believe ‘what you say’, this event will help you fix both and it’s utterly brilliant.

Customer service genius →

Keith knows what it’s like to win in business. He’s worked for both award winning and award losing organisations ! He knows what makes consumers tick and what you have to do, so that they keep coming back. This event is simple, no-nonsense and totally practical.

It’s not what he does – it’s the results he gets !!

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